Turn Waste into Wealth

Turning waste into wealth in 2022

The collection and storage of waste is becoming a world wide problem. We are at the end of filling up all the enormous holes we have dug out to extract the riches of the earth. More and more people and companies are looking for more efficient and effective ways of getting rid of their waste. Hence rubbish and waste collection is not an industry that will diminish over time. In today’s society we are always going to have waste generated by the millions of people around the world. Convenience becomes a priority, while transport and recycling stay a the forefront of managing this problem. Up until recently, the humble skip bin was a big steel box that would be delivered by a big heavy truck. By someone who, simply wants to get the job done and does not have a lot of appreciation for the property he is placing the bin on.

At Rent Me Aust (RMA), our focus has been on the convenience and transport of the waste to a central location for it to be sorted and disposed of in a eco-friendly way. Our Mobile Skip Bin range of products is a great way of taking the bin to where the rubbish is while collecting and sorting the waste in a simple and economic way.

When we are talking about rubbish removal, the recycling and environmental responsibility needs not be an ‘on cost’. It could be a way of unleashing hidden wealth. In a way where “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but to succeed, people and companies need to build new win-win commercial ecosystems. Using the mobile skip bins is a convenience way of collecting the potential treasure and dealing with it. The newly designed barn door system of mobile skip bin can be easily modified to allow you to section off the bin to collect recyclable and non recyclable waste. Allowing the user to dispose of the waste in a eco-friendly way. While allowing that recyclable products to be reused not be dumped into land fill.

3 Cubic Metre Mobile Skip Bin