Skip Bins for Sale

Mobile Skip Bins for sale

We believe in providing a great customer service, which means we need more people to be out there with our bins. Cleaning up New South Wales and expanding out to the rest of Australia. For this reason we sell our bins to those interested in generating a good income for themselves. Our bins are very versatile and are becoming the revolution in the skip bin industry. Taking on the old metal box to become the new kid on the block. We manufacture overseas and assemble the bins in Australia. If you are interested in buying a bin or be part of the new movement. Call 1300 792 845 to discuss the possibilities of becoming part of the Rent Me Team. Turn Waste into Wealth and create a business and lifestyle to suit your needs

Mobile Bin Size

Mobile Skip Bin

Four cubic metre Bin with Dual axles Hydraulic lifting jack and Barn Doors


These trailer skip bins have been engineered with ease and portability in mind. Our 4 Cubic Metre Tipper Skip Bins are the new generation of skip bin design. Allowing easier filling and emptying.

Mobile Skip Bin

The hydraulic Jack is rated to lift up to 5 ton. Making it as simple as pressing a button to dump your rubbish.

*** Re-Design *** After popular demand we have redesigned the four cube bin to have barn doors. Making it easier to empty the waste and get on with your day.

Mobile Skip

The 4 cube Trailer skip bins come are now becoming the next generation of Skip Bin. The size allows them to be taken underground, above ground and any where a small car can go allowing them to get into the tightest corners, underground car parks and even shopping centres.

Trailer Bin with Reverse lights

Mobile Skip Bin

Three cubic metre bin with single axle and hydraulic lifter

The baby brother
Mobile Skip Bin

The 3 Cubic Metre Mobile Skip Bins are the new generation of skip bin design. We have taken all of our learning from the four cube bin and put it into this product. Smaller lighter and easer to maneuver. This trailer skip bin will revolutionise the rubbish removal industry.

3 Cube Mobile Skip Bin

The rear doors open wide for easy removal of the contents. Taking rubbish removal to the next level of ease

Installed with a 3 ton ram to lift the bin. Emptying this bin is simply the press of a button. Ready for the next job and eager to please. We have designed the lids to be lockable, making sure that it is your rubbish in the bin and no-one else.

3 Cubic Metre Mobile Skip Bin

We have enhanced the design to suit the Australian Standards, by fitting them with reverse lights. Giving you the light you need to reverse in the dark

Mobile Skip Bin

5 Cubic Metre Bin Coming Soon

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