Mobile Skip Bins for hire at Rent Me Aust
4 Cube Mobile Skip Bin

Our Goal

To provide a cost-effective solution to clear your property of any unwanted waste

Our Promise

To ensure your Mobile Skip Bin experience is one that you will remember and refer to your friends and family

To rid your of unwanted waste, rubbish and untidiness from where you live or work

Our Solution

3 Cube Mobile Skip Bin

Super Fast Service

We deliver when you need the mobile skip bin to be there. Our drivers will work with you to ensure the deadline is met

No Permits required

Our Mobile Skip Bins are registered trailers. Meaning they can be parked legally anywhere a car can be parked. Hassle free convenience

Secure Lockable Lids

Why pay to dump rubbish that is not yours. The Mobile Skip Bins have lockable lids. Making sure there is no surprise at the other end

We put the bin there... So you can dump that rubbish...

Mobile skip bin hire

We believe in delivering exceptional customer service and mobile skip bin hire at a very affordable price. That’s why our Mobile Skip Bins or better know as trailer bins are so versatile because they can assist you in achieving your rubbish removal needs. We provide Mobile Skip bins in the Sydney Metro area. We can also deliver our trailer bins to Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and anywhere else in New South Wales.

Our Service is simple, we will put the bin there so you can dump that rubbish. Our trailer bins have wheels which means they can be moved closer to where the rubbish is or locked up in the garage. Being on the trailer bin means they can be parked on the street or in your driveway. No permits required, No damage to your driveway or lawn and most importantly,  roll them out of the way when the job is done. To book a bin delivery to your job site call 1300 792 845 and our sales team can organise the bin, the help and the removal of the unwanted rubbish. Alternatively you can complete the order form below and we will contact you.

Our mission is to provide not cheap skip bin hire, but affordable skip bin hire. With the guarantee that your experience with our skip bins will be clean and free of any waste.

What we do for you

We Deliver

Our team will work with you. We can deliver to your site at the time you need to have the skip bin there. If you want we can even wait for you to fill it up and take it away again.


Our bins can be hired for 1, 7 or 100 days. No rush no hassle. You can take your time to fill the bin and have it ready for pick and dumping.

Pick Up

If you are working to a deadline or a schedule. We can work with you to pick up the bin any time of day or night.

Skip Bin

Our bins are designed for easy loading of your rubbish. The doors have three levels of height. Making it easy access for you to throw your rubbish in at any angle.


The skip bins are designed and manufactured to provide you with the ability to dump up to 500 kg of rubbish. If you need more, we can dump and return for a second round.


Nothing is too difficult. Our team is trained to have your best interest in mind. We can work with you to provide you the best customer experience and help you to clean up!

Our Bins

Mobile Skip Bin

The bins can hold the equivalent of 16 full size wheelie bins.

“Now that’s a lot of rubbish.”

Equivalent to 4 m3

The Benefits

Registered Vehicle

The Bin is on a registered trailer. This means it can be parked anywhere a car can be parked. Therefore, no need for council permits. It can free access to driveway or we can simply put it in the garage. We provide a no hassle mobile skip bin solution.

The lids have padlocks

Ever had your neighbors or others dump rubbish in your bins at night. When you are asleep? Why pay to dump someone else’s rubbish. Our Mobile Skip bins come with secure lockable lids. This way you only pay for your rubbish.

No height restrictions

The mobile skip bins have a max height of 2 metres. Making it able to fit easily in underground car parks and low clearance areas. Wherever you can fit a small SUV. WE can place the bin there to allow you to conveniently dump your rubbish.

Delivery to site

The trailer is delivered to your site. At the time you need it to be there. We can wait for you to fill it up. Or we can leave it there for as long as you want. Once your done simply call and we will come and pick it up. Jobs done, no hassle, no worries.

One size fits all

We have decided to make it simple for everyone. We have one size bins. 4 cubic metres. Taking away the decision-making process of trying to determine. How much rubbish to how much bin. One size, one price, one great solution.

Great Service

We offer a one-stop solution for all your rubbish needs. The process is as simple as a phone call or an email. You call, we deliver. Then you fill and we pick up. In other words, we put the “Bin there” so you can “dump that” rubbish.